Travelling alone can be a dangerous thing but you can make it easier by planning your Sicily travel correctly. There’s nothing worse than planning a trip to Sicily and then running into problems while you’re there. In fact, I was planning to go to Sicily a couple of years ago but got so caught up in my own life that I completely forgot about it until I received a birthday gift from my dad. I’d just bought my first flat and was preparing to move back into Italy when my son told me about his experiences in Sicily. So, I went ahead and booked myself a week’s stay at a hotel near the island. What happened next, you ask?

Pretty much everything goes according to plan but the weather turns out to be one of the worst elements of my Sicily travel. Rain, sleet and snow met my hotel at every opportunity and left me with a nasty sunburn on the morning of my arrival. Luckily I had brought my own raincoat so I wasn’t expecting much of a problem. The same thing happened on the way back from the hotel. Slept with the window open while listening to music on my iPod (it’s Italian music, you know). Completely unprepared, my Sicily trip turned into a night out.

On my Sicily travel I decided to try out my first full meal in Italy, namely an authentic Barolo. It sounds strange, I know, but this dish is incredibly rich and creamy that I found combined with the rich sauce and cheese made a perfect combination. I also tried out the other great meals in this region, namely the Sicilian style ‘roccellati’ (which is actually siciliana in Italian). The appetizers were ok, not sizzling hot like in Pologne and neither were they cheap at all, but I still can’t say they were great.

The main course on my Sicily travel was a Veneto-style red meat dish called ‘Pizzaiolo’ which is made from a mix of beef, ham and Swiss. For someone who has never tried it here is as good a place as any to try some real Italian food. The best part of the meal though was being served by the owner of the restaurant who was very prompt in moving around my plate and correcting my order. This service totally saved me a lot of time and let me enjoy my meal without the constant attention that I would have had to give to a waiter in a posh London restaurant!

I wasn’t aware before about the fact that there are so many Italian restaurants in the UK. Even though there are many people visiting London from Sicily, many people don’t realise that you can get quality Italian food there. The thing about sicily is that it is far away from the tourist trail. When I was there my favourite things to do were going to the theatre and taking in the beautiful scenery. Both of these activities are easily accessible to tourists, but not so much to people who have only visited Italy a few years ago.

Overall, my Sicily travel was an experience that I will never forget. While I didn’t get to see too much of Italy, I do feel that I have discovered a new passion for food. I also discovered another country that is just waiting for visitors to discover. If you are travelling to Italy or plan on visiting there soon then I suggest that you look into Sicily travel. It’s sure to be a wonderful experience. And when I say ‘sightly’ I mean that in more than one way.

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Enjoying a Sicily Travel

There are many places to see and visit when you book a Sicilian Travel Agency Vacation packages. The Sicilian people are very proud of their heritage and culture, and the beauty that still surrounds them is astonishing to most visitors. There is a strong connection to the past here, which can be seen in everything from architecture to artwork to clothing, and even in the foods that were eaten.

Sicily, also known as the Roman Island, has a lot to offer tourists of all ages. It is one of the most popular places for families to vacation, because not only does it have amazing beaches and beautiful landscapes to view, but it is also filled with ancient ruins and amazing museums. Sicily, the biggest Mediterranean island, is located off the tip of Italy’s ‘boot’ down the Mediterranean Sea. Its rich history is symbolized in sites such as the famous Valley of the Temples, its beautiful old ruins, and the amazing mosaic tiles at the Cappella Palatina (a former royal palace).

Tourists who plan to travel to Sicily will also find themselves treated to some of the best food in the world. Local cuisine is some of the finest in the world, and tourists are often surprised by just how good some of the popular Italian dishes actually taste. One of the more popular Sicilian travel agencies that offers amazing gelato recipes for tourists to try are the Gelato Maestra Sanitaire. Other popular things to do while on Sicily travel include exploring the sights and sounds of taormina; seeing and experiencing the world-renowned museums and cathedrals; enjoying the world-famous gelato; and enjoying one of the many Sicily hotels.

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