Cinnamon French Toast Sticks are simply the best thing to serve on a cold day. Who does not like a good French toast with some warm spices added to it? You could make a delicious brunch for your family or just impress your friends and guests with a wonderful breakfast. Try to make this dish at home using recipe French Toast Sticks. The kids will appreciate the unique novelty of non-stick dippy sticks which taste very similar to cinnamon. So much so that even you can eat on your hands!

No need to worry about getting messy in the kitchen when you use these cinnamon sugar sticks as they come with a non-stick coating on them so no matter how much you mix or pour the batter in the skillet, you can be sure that it will never stick or form lumps. So simple to use, just mix the ingredients together and place them over the heat on your stove until the mixture begins to stick together. No more messy pancakes for you. Next, spoon some of the mixture over each slice of bread then pop into the oven or microwave for fantastic bread pudding.

For that extra special treat, you may also like to top off your French toast sticks with some light caramel sauce or a nice syrup to complement the flavor of the bread. Or you may want to drizzle some warm honey over the top for an even greater sweet surprise. Whichever way you decide to enjoy your meal, just remember to drizzle a little bit of additional melted cheese over each slice then serve with some freshly cut fruit. The fresh fruit will help enhance the taste of your homemade bread pudding and make it even tastier than if you had bought it from the store. Happy cooking!

french toast sticks

How to Make Delicious Bread and Cinnamon Sugar Recipes Using French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks are just the ideal handheld version of delicious classic French toast recipe! Simply some heated maple syrup, a nice skillet, and just a couple of ingredients and your good old French toast is ready to serve! If you have ever tried this recipe, then you know how easy it is to make and how quick it is to prepare. The only thing lacking in the classic version was the preparation of the toast. This makes homemade version even easier.

The easiest way to make these tasty little French toast sticks is to take a regular oven and preheat it to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. When you see that the oven is ready, carefully remove it from the heat and place it on a trivet or other deep baking tray. You will then want to coat it with a coating that protects it from the baking soda and cinnamon sugar that will be placed within.

Once the French toast sticks have been coated with the easy to follow coating, they are ready for their first dipping. Dipping them in the maple syrup is not difficult at all and there are no special rules for the dipping process. In fact, the more commonly dipped varieties are more successful due to the thicker consistency of the maple syrup. Allow the maple syrup to sit on both the breadsticks for about a minute before removing them from the heat.

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