HIV and AIDS are both incurable and in many parts of the world, death is the only option. This puts all HIV patients in a difficult situation, as their only hope for survival is to undergo treatment, whether it is lifelong HIV medication or a drug cocktail known as AZT, and possibly cured. Despite the incredible advances in medical science, HIV and AIDS are still incurable. The reason being that without a cure, not only is AIDS deadly but it also destroys the immune system. As a result, all HIV patients are at risk of contracting other diseases.

AIDS is the result of having contracted HIV, and unfortunately, there is no cure for AIDS. The only way to live with AIDS is to abstain from sexual intercourse until you are no longer contagious, and then only have unprotected sex. That means you must tell your partner about your HIV status. HIV and AIDS are linked because if one person is infected with HIV, then it will almost certainly turn into AIDS within a few months, or within a year if it is extremely serious.

The virus that causes AIDS is transmitted through the blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. It can be passed on through any kind of physical contact. It is the most commonly transmitted disease in the United States and is responsible for over 2 million deaths a year. HIV and AIDS are not seen as the number one killer in America, but they should be. Because there is currently no cure for either HIV or AIDS, it is important for everyone to know about this disease and the ways in which they can protect themselves. This disease is on the rise and it is vital that we as a society keep an eye out for those who may have it and those who may be at risk of contracting it.

HIV and AIDS What is the Connection

HIV and AIDS: What is the Connection?

HIV and AIDS are frightening diseases that have claimed the lives of millions around the world. They are infections transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids such as blood, vaginal fluids, semen and breast milk. The HIV virus is responsible for AIDS, but people can develop the infection even if they do not have HIV. It is important to know exactly what the HIV and AIDS infection is all about so you can be prepared for it, know the risks and be informed.

AIDS is incurable, the virus cannot be destroyed by any known medication. There are some treatments for AIDS, but the drugs are only successful in preventing the symptoms from appearing. Once the body’s immune system has been weakened due to the use of the drugs, it will be very difficult for it to fight off the infection. This means that AIDS patients are at risk of getting the infection again even after they have received treatment. This is why it is critical to identify any symptoms early.

Being diagnosed with either HIV or AIDS is a life-altering event, but it is also an opportunity to begin to care for yourself and take control of your health. HIV and AIDS are very real and have become a huge problem in the last few decades, but there is a solution. You can prevent this disease, or at least protect against becoming infected, take precautions to avoid getting infected and understand the connection between HIV and AIDS.

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