Steampunk home decor is a unique and interesting theme that combines the “cool” factors of old and new together. It brings with it an air of mystery, intrigue, adventure and fun. If you love to find new and exciting things, then steampunk home decor could be perfect for you. Whatever you love most about Victorian times (no matter what century you are living in), you can add it to your home with just a little thought and effort. Let us take a look at some steampunk home decor ideas.

The Victorian era is one of the most popular periods in history. In this time period, the science fiction concept of perpetual motion was first thought of and developed. While the concept itself wasn’t always taken seriously at the time, the Victorian homes of the time were well decorated and laden with key features of the steam punk aesthetic. You could bring steampunk home decor to your home in many ways – from selecting key features and decorative elements to the interior designs themselves.

A good place to start with your steampunk home decor is with the way you want your interior designs to look. This is where you can really let your imagination go wild and display your personality. One easy way to get an old trunk feel into your home is to match it to a more traditional style living room. For example, you could paint your walls a very pale, monochromatic shade of gray to resemble that of an old trunk lid. You can then use black velvet draped over the chairs and tables and put up vintage signs that display your Victorian themed artwork and antique buttons.

Another way to bring steampunk home decor into your living rooms is to make use of the antique furniture you already have in your home. In particular antique coffee tables and end tables can really add to the effect you’re after – not just in terms of making your living rooms look more authentic but because these pieces are so versatile as well. For example, while an antique coffee table might not be able to easily accommodate bulky modern devices like a flat panel computer monitor, it can be used to prop up an antique console table that can still safely contain a gaming system or simply display collectibles. Just because antiques aren’t always in fashion doesn’t mean that they’re obsolete – in fact, you can find an abundance of quality, antique reproductions on the market today.

The next thing you need to think about when choosing steampunk home decor is the Victorian era – specifically, the Edwardian style. Edwardian styling was heavily influenced by the Industrial Revolution and, as such, features a wealth of beautifully designed clothes, gears, and other items. Because of this, the Victorian era is one of the most stylish periods in history. Of course, there are many steampunk enthusiasts who incorporate the Victorian era into their homes (even if they call themselves Victorian themed) because of the wonderful designs of Victorian clothes, jewelry, and furniture. The best way to get a clear picture of what you want your home to resemble is to go online and do a little bit of research.

And of course, one of the most important aspects of steampunk home decor is the lighting – and luckily, modern technology lends itself well to creating Victorian-themed lighting effects. For example, instead of using traditional bulbs in a vintage lamp, you can opt for glowing drapes, candlelight chandeliers, and even mirrors. This creates the illusion of an older home. And don’t worry; you don’t need to go all out and go all Victorian on your interior. A few well placed steampunk lights and a few well chosen vintage pieces can lend a very Gothic feel to your home.

steampunk home decor

Steamping Up Your Home With Victorian Accent Pieces

Steampunky is a unique take on the home decorating theme. Steamping it up in this style can truly make your home a showplace and a place that you want to be when you are visiting. But first, you need to get yourself an authentic steamer. There are many available and with good reason, so you have to make sure that you buy the best one.

Steaming is a design style that pays homage to steamboat stations and Victorian times. Basically, Steampunk interior designs represent an aesthetic balance between functionality and form. Steampunk fanatics appreciate the historical role of architecture in building the modern house. In steampunk home decor, you can display antique Victoria-style furnishings or display beautiful Victorian masterpieces with the steam gauges running up and down the walls. Here are some of the key features that make this interior design style so unique:

It is important to make your home a special place where you want to be when you are at home. The Victorian accent, steam powered appliances, and antique, Victorian pieces all help to create this wonderful look. You will also want to remember that you can add steampunk home decor to any room in your house whether it is the living room dining room, or bedroom. The steamer that you buy can really pull off the Victorian accent and create a wonderful Victorian home decor design for your home.

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