Summer Fresh Shrimp Kebabs is one of the best known and best loved appetizers that are loved by everyone. The name means ‘Shrimp Kabobs’ and they are a wonderful recipe that uses fresh and soft shrimp. The recipe dates back to the time when the British army was stationed at Egypt. During their retreat, these soldiers would carry all the spices they could find and they used those spices to cook delicious and nutritious chicken and shrimp kabobs. In fact, the British soldiers were so fond of this recipe that it was adopted as an official recipe for a month.

The recipe dates back to the time when the French were also stationed in Egypt. They were equally fond of using shrimp for cooking and hence borrowed the recipe from the Egyptians too. However, in the middle of World War II, both the forces lost out on their fondness for eating chicken and shrimp and that is why the recipe fell out of use.

There are many different versions of the recipe that you can find in the old books that are used to serve dessert or for camping purposes. In fact, there are even many restaurants that serve the Summer Fresh Shrimp Kabobs. It’s interesting to note that these shrimps or grilled shrimp are very popular all over the world today and not just in the United States. This is because the flavors in the recipe have been preserved well and they have a very pleasant flavor. So, if you love shrimp kabobs and you don’t like to cook then this is a recipe that you should try.

summer fresh shrimp kebabs

Summer Fresh Shrimp Kebabs

Summer Fresh Shrimp Kebabs can be a great way to spruce up your diet while still enjoying the fabulous flavors of summer! Summer is prime time to stock up on fresh seafood and the hardest part about cooking these shrimp is that they keep coming back. You either have to stock up on summer fresh shrimp or find someone who has the same as you and hope they do not run out before the fall season. These easy to make Kebabs are simple and quick to make and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Start with enough shrimp to cover the depth of your deep dish. Bring a large saucepan to the heat and add enough oil to lightly fry the shrimp. Depending on how well you are able to mix the seasonings, you may want to add seasonings such as ginger root, garlic, oregano, Cayenne, hot sauce, curry powder, and lemon juice to the oil. When the shrimp are in their oil phase, add the cornstarch mixture and mix thoroughly.

Once you have coated the shrimp in the seasoning mix, add any additional vegetables you may want such as cauliflower, onions, bell pepper, cilantro, parsley, or Anaheim or California corn. If you would like to have a bit of fun and if you have some fun shrimp, you can also add canned shrimp or fresh shrimp that you have grilled, sauteed, or even boiled for a delicious treat. Serve with lettuce and a little lemon wedges for a healthy and easy to make summer side dish!

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